Ergo Proxy, in my mind is one of the very few anime’s out there with a completely unique plot . It’s set in the post Apocalyptic Dystopian future where most of humanity lives in these huge Noah’s arks so to speak , and they live with humanoid robots who do their everyday chores, These arks are basically life supporting cities in a harsh world which has been completely destroyed by Nuclear war and Nuclear winter.(No I’m not talking about fallout).

Re-L is a Badass!

The series starts in one of these arc cities called as Romdeau and we are introduced to Re-L Mayer , who’s trying to investigate recent mysterious events happening in romdeau and rumours about robots contracting a virus which makes them self aware.She runs into Vincent Law an immigrant from a neighbouring arc city. I’m not going to anywhere close to the plot because the less you know going into Ergo Proxy the better it is for you.

Okay so I’d have to say that this anime is not meant for the masses, and in my opinion is one of the most underrated anime of all time, right up there Baccano and Samurai Champloo but not even these come close to the pure mind fuckery that is Ergo Proxy. This show will take everything that’s going in your head, take it out twist it around, play with it and then put it back. There is just so much going in the series. There’s politics involved , Philosophy , imminent threats , past history being explained , Immigration between different arcs for various reasons and what not.

Coming to the actual animation, Funimation did a great job of staying loyal to the manga and an even better job setting up the whole feel of the land,basically world building of the

The land outside the dome

highest order, arc cities are these huge structures that keep you safe yet you sense a slight discomfort, a little something that says everything is not quite alright. There’s this one episode where we are taken to a library in a city long forgotten by time , which is in a word brilliant. We get to see the vast expanses of land , desolate and devastated by something that happened a long time ago , you get a feeling of real despair from these. There’s a episode that takes us to a forest , growing up regardless of the harsh conditions of nuclear winter, defying all the odds.
Not a single episode is wasted no fillers at all, one episode has a game show and a lot people skip this thinking it’s a filler but a lot of backstory is explained in that.The sheer amount of depth in this anime is mind blowing, it takes only a few characters but does an exceptional job of developing them , the music is amazing.


A robot Infected by the Cogito virus.

I could go on and on and on about this and it would still be a disservice to the series, it’s just that good! It’s been a long time since I found something that I could quote , something that kept me up for weeks on end making me go all philosophical.

Ergo proxy is one of the best ,THE BEST series ever made , I put it alongside FMA Brotherhood and I know even considering that mere fact would be blasphemy , especially me being a lifelong FMA fan, again it’s just that good. It warrants a multiple run through as every time you’ll see the plot a little differently. And the ending was amazing , I absolutely loved it, the only drawback being , it screams out for a season two but no season 2 has been announced yet.


Plus points

-Everything.. And I mean everything , music , animation , character development, plot , you name it and I bet ergo proxy has a done it and done it in the best manner possible.

Minus points

-Very cryptic in the start, people might just give up in the first few episodes because they     didn’t understand it.

-The lack of season 2 , the ending will keep you wanting more of the same. But unfortunately that never comes or rather hasn’t come yet.


All in all , you’ll either completely hate Ergo Proxy like a lot of people, to each his own , Or you’ll absolutely love it like I did. My opinion give it a try if you don’t like it then too bad , happens sometimes,but if you do find it to be your cup of tea , it would probably be the best cup of tea you’ve had yet.

Cogito ergo sum.