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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu / Parasyte the Maxim


Parasyte the Maxim is a series produced by Madhouse Studios which basically means we ain’t getting a second season ever….Isn’t that right madhouse?

It is a 24 episode , psychological thriller and by that i mean hooollllly shiiiitttt this series is amazing , like wooooooow where do i even begin?

Parasyte is a story about a 16 year old high school student by the name Izumi Shinichi who

Izumi Shinichi and Migi

has a weird experience where he finds a worm i.e a “parasite” trying to enter his body, he just ignores the incident as him being tired and it most probably being a dream and from here starts one of the greatest stories I’ve watched in a long long time.


As time goes by , Izumi begins to realize that it might not have been a dream but that something had actually tried to take over his body , his suspensions are confirmed when he manages to stop an oncoming car with his right hand. And a little further down the line we find out his right hand is now actually a sentient being with its own mind….yup you read that right. And Izumi names his hand “Migi” , Japanese for “righty”.

This is followed a by Tense and exhilarating journey where you find out about what these

My man Migi

parasytes are , how many of them are there? What is their purpose?


This series has a lot of philosophical questions that make you think about the bigger picture , the antagonists in the series are amazing and i would go as far to classify them in the Nagato AKA Pain Tier antagonists from the Naruto series basically as one of the best I’ve seen . They make you question who’s in the right and then completely flip whatever it is that you were thinking. You can never be certain of whats going to happen in the series , take for example the scene with Tamiya Ryouko and the baby, Izumi and his mom just to name a few of them

All the characters are pretty well written and each gives us a lasting impression, there are no “side characters” in the series and every character has a role to play to further the plot of the series and each have their own little backstories.

The character of Migi for me is the best in the series and i’d probably say that he was more a protagonist than Izumi was , the role of a creature that has just discovered that it is alive and is now learning what it means to be alive is an absolute joy to watch. Apart from Migi you have Ryouko and Gotou each of whom have a different understanding of the environment around them and different viewpoints on humanity as a species.

Mixed up in all of this , you have Kana and Murano , Murano is well Izumi’s lady love and to be perfectly honest she was okay , character building and plot wise she was decent but Kana thought , now that was something special , you find out about Kana about how she’s kind of an outcast and is one those people who are square pegs in round holes

Kimishima Kana

, you get a weird vibe
from her like she’s distant from just about all of humanity and then also has the power to
detect parasites as well..( No idea how she got that though , there might be something in the manga… maybe? I have don’t know , let me know if you know ). The whole Kana arc had a very melancholy feel around it and I really really liked that also her theme was straight up amazing.



There’s also a environmental message in the series ,As one of the parasite leader reminds us that human beings are the only creatures on the planet that constantly take and take and take only to give back so little in return and that the maybe the parasytes are the Earth’s answer of a way to make things better , I would talk more about it but every time I think about it I go into a existential crisis sooo yeah not going there…

The music was Produced by Ken Arai , and leitmotif’s for each character is amazing. Kana’s Theme is called Next To You and there’s Hypnotik which if you have watched Parasyte you will already have on your playlist and if you haven’t you will soon.

Talk to the hand

Also for the longest period of time I did’nt pay attention to the lyrics of the opening song “Let Me Hear” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas but when i did I realized it was actually done specifically for the Anime and will basically tell you what the anime is about

Link for Hypnotik –  Hypnotik

Link for Kana’s Theme – Next To You

Link for Opening ( Amanda Lee Version) –Let me Hear

Link For the art – DeviantArt Link

I’m not even going to list out pros and cons.. JUST WATCH IT ALREADY! All in all Parasyte is a must watch , Thank me later.

As always , if there’s a series that you think I should watch , you know where to reach me.

Keelah se’lai







Naruto, An amazing ride.



I started watching Naruto about 3-4 years ago, When I was doing my intermediate mostly because I need some thing to take my head off the constant studies and expectations and what not but little did I know that it would play such a huge part in my life, and in a sense molding me into who I am today.

naruto1It all started with this crazy knuckle headed ninja who would just do bat shit crazy things and just a few episodes in i knew it was going to one emotional ride with the whole Iruka Sensei protecting Naruto, literally the first episode and I get all emotional. Then you gradually went in and realized wait this thing is actually really really good, like the Chunin exams.The Gaara vs Lee fight got me like   *_* , you have the whole Zabuza vs Team 7 , the fight choreography in the series in general was out of this world!

You slowly and eventually get to know all the backstories and the stories behind those backstories, the lore of the world and most of all Itachi Fucking Uchiha  , I Cannot stress enough how much I respect the man, Absolute legend that guy. Initially when you find about Itachi, One doesn’t really have the highest opinion of him, but when Danzo tells Sasuke about the truth behind his actions, like woooow mind blown.

Not going to lie, I’ve cried like a million times watching this 😥


Temari is Love

And then you have Temari, if you could see me right
now, you would know that I’m making googly eyes. There are so many amazing characters in this show its unbelievable. You have Might Guy, this man is straight up inspirational, all that he achieved with just Taijutsu. Then you have someone as Badass as Madara, A Man who basically redefined what badassery looks like, taking on the Kages like they were school children. And this is just scratching the surface you have amazing and diverse characters like Neji , Asuma , Shikamaru among the countless others. All fighting their own demons and along the way telling you that you too can face and overcome yours.


I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the ridiculous numbers of fillers but in my
opinion I loved them , they added a lot of elements to the world building of the Naruto universe, about the problems of the everyday people that live there. I’ve watched every single filler and even though sometimes it was a chore, none of them were useless of all them contributed to the bigger picture.
Hell, Even all the antagonists have a story, have a reason for doing what they are doing and their stories are pretty heart touching as well. This show has taught me so much, the general ” I will do good , regardless of whether people have been good to me ” attitude is infectious

At the end of the Akatski Arc, I wonder whether Nagato was right in his own way

, and some of you might not have the same opinion but I absolutely love that, It grows on you, It picks me every time I feel down or disappointed. Countless times this show has single handedly made my day better. You learn about Itachi’s arc and you realize people are not all that bad, sometimes you have to do things you don’t like for the greater good. Guy and Rock lee teach us that you need hard work not talent to be great and that all you need is belief. And yes I know a lot of people say that’s not how the real world works and that I need to think realistically, but I don’t want to. I want to keep believing that if you continue to do good, eventually it’ll pay off, that good will happen to you. I mean after all what are we but the things that we believe in? And no amount of pain or hurt will take that away from somebody. For me Naruto, will Always be Naruto.And all this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Madara Casually being the Badass that he is.


And don’t even get me started on the music, I kid you not I could write a post just about the amazing music that has graced this Epic series.

We all need a fantasy to escape reality and for the longest period of time this has been mine. It has taken me from feeladelphia to the feelipines. Got me through some really low points and given me some incredible highs. And even though the manga finished a couple of years ago, when the show finally comes to an end in a couple of weeks time all I can say is that, It has been an amazing ride and my genuine Honor to have been a part of it. Thank you, You amazing knucklehead of a Ninja, Uzumaki Naruto.






Kabaneri Of the Iron Fortress / Koutetsujou no Kabaneri


Koutetsujou no Kabaneri or Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is 12 episode series from Wit studio , directed by Tetsuro Araki. It has a post-apocalyptic setting (doesn’t everything these days) but has a steampunk twist to it , so basically I was sold the moment I read the pretext.

To put it in very literal terms the story is , There are zombies aka Kabane, zombies want to kill people AKA humans and the humans barely survive by living in massively fortified cities and humanity is on just about always on the brink of extinction……wait that remind you of something..? Thats right!!!! Welcome to my Review of ATTACK ON TITAN 2.0 , no really they are very similar.

The Undead Horde

Wit studios also produced Attack on Titan And Owari no Seraph in all of which humanity is on the brink of extinction , I’m assuming they don’t think too highly of humanity do they?Well can’t really blame them.

It has the same director Tetsuro Araki , same art style albeit Kabaneri is more refined in my opinion , same angsty protagonist complex with tragic family backstory. Even the music director is the same Hiroyuki Sawano , Special shout out to him because the music was absolutely on point.

So this is how i think Wit studios decides shows they want to work on

  • is humanity on the brink of extinction? 
  • does the protagonist have a tragic backstory? 
  • do they live in walled up cities? 


Enough of the random rant , here’s what the series has…Zombies , badass ones at that.

That Beast of a train that is the Koutetsujo

A Steampunk setting, an Amazing track and A fucking behemoth of a daaammnnn Ikoma back at it with them trains.What else could a person want , just some character development would make this perfect…oh wait you don’t have that Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress do you? Oh well Cant have everything , I guess.Sigh


Coming to characters , our protagonist although by the end, he doesn’t really feel like the protagonist much rather a Side character , is “Ikoma” whose family has been, no points for guessing correctly… killed by the Kabane *cough* Eren much? *cough* Well that aside , I found him to be much better than his SnK counter part for one, He is much less of a whiner also in the first few episodes he is a proper badass *Spoiler Here* Especially in the 3rd or so episode where he saves everyone by pulling the lever for the drawbridge and he goes all  “Live with the fact that you were saved by someone who you turned your back on” The feels in that one line…despite all this badassery he kinda becomes meh by the time we get to the’ll see.

Angsty Protagonist Exhibit #67 AKA Ikoma   

Now we come to Mumei..*sigh* dear God , if there was ever a Asuna Syndrome , Mumei is it! I have no Idea how one can go from such a badass to being all “Bibaaa-samaaaa”
in the span in of 2 episodes. I know she’s

Pre-Brother Issues Mumei

supposed to be a kid but boy does she get on my nerves with the whole brother issues situation.

Finally we come to my favorite character , and frankly ridiculously underrated in my opinion…Yukina, she is one operating the koutetsujo the muscle bound goddess that she is … like i mean who how ?!?? Check this out



Then you have the main Antagonist Biba…Fucking Biba, you would think that hordes of the undead coming to eat you is the worst thing that could happen to you but noooooo …fucking biba , I’m not even going to go into his character , watch the show you’ll know what i mean. His only saving grace is that he is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, the man is a legend.



  • Anything with Zombies can almost never go wrong
  • First 6 episodes
  • Fight sequences are decent
  • Visuals are pretty good
  • Music on point



  • Last 6 episodes
  • Biba Fucking Amatori
  • Almost zero character development apart from Mumei
  • Lost focus of what the story was about after the introduction of Biba.


All in All , Kabaneri Of the Iron Fortress is a pretty decent show and definitely worth a watch. As always if you want me to watch a particular series, you know where to find me.


Rokkon Shoujo!!





Law Of Ueki


For this review I’m going to pick a series that is little known and is hilariously underrated, Law of Ueki.

Law Of Ueki is a 51 episode series , produced by Studio Deen same guys who produced Rurouni Kenshi , Fate/Stay night and more importantly Beyblade! And I’m talking the original Badass Beyblade with Dragons , Phoenixes and whatever the hell Draciel was, but dear Lord it was epic. The new one, metal revolution or some shit, flat out sucks! A Pegasus? Seriously? How could one possibly go from a fucking badass a Pegasus..?!? Wait… my bad that’s besides the point. So law of Ueki then…

“Don’t touch My Nakama” -Every Shounen Anime Ever

The Pretext of the story is …. High Schoolers with superpowers (well kind of), the whole “Don’t touch my Nakama” air around it ,I know I know you lot are probably thinking “Holy Moly, SOOOOO original!!” , but calm down, this one is actually pretty good and has a pretty decent plot to boot.

So basically there are 100 God Candidates and they fight against each other to determine the one candidate that becomes God and rules over the world and everyone else. How do they do this you ask? Simple. They do that not by fighting each other but by granting powers to high school kids to fight on their behalf.

And let me tell you there are some badass powers involved, like changing your Whistle into a Laser or turning Beans into Bombs! So our protagonist Kosuke Ueki goes
for…..The power to turn Trash into Trees….wait what?…yeah I know right?

The strength of the series is in its fight sequences, the scenes are choreographed amazingly well , like these are legit Naruto level fights like the Zabuza vs Team 7 and

This who the MC Looks up to…

Madara vs The Shinobi Alliance level . If you’ve seen those then you know what level I’m talking about.Also Ueki’s god candidate is a grade-A Badass.

There’s this one guy who can change Cotton into Steel , How would that be any help in a fight you ask? watch the show!! The way these high Schoolers use their powers is baffling! At a later point they form teams and the Synergy between their powers is awesome.
The plot is pretty decent as well.


– Fight Sequences are amazing.
– Did I say the fight sequences are lit? Because they are.
– Decent Opening.
– Intriguing plot.
– Kobasen (You’ll know what I mean when you watch the series).
– Tenko (Same as above)


– Needless romance , writers went out of their way to get the “sweethearts” thing in.
– The plot did rely on Ueki being the MC, so some of the things he did and a couple of fights are total BS.


All in all ,It’s a pretty good show, If you have time to spare since it is kinda long, I’d definitely give it a watch , you might want to stick with it though atleast initially because it starts off a little slow , but does pick up the pace once the show goes along.



Patema Inverted / Sakasama no Patema



Patema Inverted or sakasama no patema is sci-fi/ fantasy movie , directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura.

It asks you a very simple question, what if you could fall into the sky? The beauty of the movie lies in its simplicity.It tells you what would happen if up become down and down becomes up. This movie for me atleast is very close to my heart mainly I have run that very scenario various times in head..(Yeah, I know, I’m weird like that)

The plot is basically this , an science experiment goes horribly wrong , as they often do in just about every sci-fi ever told and it reverses the gravity in almost the half the areas of the planet. Now this might not seem so scary at first, but think about it, What if a task as

Patema Looking “Down” to the sky

simple as stepping out of your house is made almost impossible because you would fall into the sky, even thinking about falling into the sky gives me the creeps, Imagine
endlessly falling with no bottom in sight and as you fall further the air thins because technically as you higher the density of oxygen slowly decreases , you would basically be falling into a bottomless pit whilst slowing choking to death… Scary right?

So coming to the story , it revolves around our protagonist Patema , a little girl who is one

The normal world and the inverted world

of the ‘Bat people’, no they are no way connected to batman…., these are the people that have had there gravity reversed and essentially live upside down , All their lives , they’ve had to life in underground canals and cave systems and survive as best they can , they have to deal with shortage of food, shortage of water , no proper medical facilities etc.

The people who are not inverted , provide no help to these “Bat people” , they believe that the experiment that went wrong was an act of god , that the would had too many sinners , so God cursed these people and they would be punished as they would be swallowed into by the sky itself. The non-inverted people believe this with all reverence, their religious leaders tell them that if they ever help the “bat people” God would punish them as well and they too would be swallowed by the sky.

It’s a story about the struggle Patema faces when she goes out into a world completely inverted to her. She goes in search of her father, who had gone to this inverted world and had never returned. A story about all the dangers that lie ahead of her in her journey and also about she makes a friend in the unlikeliest of scenario’s and in the unlikeliest of places.

Falling Or Flying?


– The plot is amazing.
– Visually stunning .
– Great music.
– Camera panning from the normal world to the inverted world is brilliantly executed.



– Has a mushy love story, that kind of seemed unnecessary, like plot seemed more focus         on the love story , rather than the amazing premise.
– The ending is abrupt and doesn’t really give you much closure.


All in all , I love the premise and plot behind Patema Inverted but the execution was a bit of a let down. Although if you looking for a change of pace from watching a series and want to watch a movie , Patema Inverted would not be too bad



Kekkai Sensen – Blood Blockade Battlefront


Kekkai Sensen or Blood Blockade Battlefront is an Action/Supernatural anime made by Studio bones,same guys who did the both the FMA series , the original and Brotherhood.Its only 12 episodes long…you know what that means don’t you? BINGE TIME!!!

Coming to the plot , an inter-dimensional portal has opened up beneath New York city and a fog envelopes the entire city, because of course everything from Alien invasions to inter-

Fog over NYC (Hell Salem’s lot)

dimensional portals to freaking meteorite strikes all happen in NYC , god forbid anything happen to any other cities of the world. It is rechristened Hell Salem’s lot, after the portal incident which has come be called as “the collapse”
(Godzilla destroying tokyo doesn’t count by the way…).

We follow the protagonist Leonardo Watch, who I for one actually really liked because he is almost your everyday guy trying to figure stuff out, which is a refreshing change from most other anime ,in which the MC’s overcome their problems through the “Power of Nakama” and basically never get beat because “MC overcomes all syndrome”.

I did say that he is almost your average guy, the only difference being…he has the Eyes of a

Leo and his All seeing Eyes of the Gods

god and before anyone starts going that’s OP and stuff, he does beat up a lot….A LOT,almost on a episodic basis.

One day Leo finds himself caught in a case of mistaken identity, a guy from a secret organisation called LIBRA, mistakes Leo to be their new recruit and takes him to the their HQ, Leo looks at this opportunity as a sure shot way to achieve his goal, the sole reason he had come to Hell Salem’s lot in the first place which I am going to refrain from revealing because that is massive to the plot.

At the HQ he meets all these members of LIBRA, Klaus von Reinherz, the leader, Chain Sumeragi , and Zapp Renfro and a bunch of others.LIBRA’s mission is to maintain stability

Klaus V. Reinherz

in Hell Salem’s lot from all the various human and alien elements that seek to disturb the peace,so to speak.They use supernatural techniques, all of which are related to them manipulating their blood,hence the name Blood Blockade.

This is where I think  Kekkai Sensen could have done much better, It has amazing characters but none of them apart from Leo and the main Antagonist get any
kind of character development. Take Klaus for example he is an amazing character and I wanted to know more about where he came, or at least a part of his backstory, but we get none and there are no OVA’s as of now so it remains a mystery , same could be said for many of the other characters as well.

The main story is decent, the episodes can seem very vague and completely random , but are infact intricately connected to one another,so even though it seems like a bunch of random events happening give it some time it’ll all come through in time.

Plus Points


– The main Character Leo is an absolute joy to watch, especially how his relationship with       Zapp changes over time.
– I found the series to be very funny, a lot of bizarre yet comical scenes.
– The English is surprisingly good, Aaron Desmuke is a gem.

Minus Points

-Almost zero character development apart from the MC and the Antagonist.
-Pretty ordinary music, at no point in the anime did I feel that the music actually added to    the drama or the tension of the series.
-Seems very rushed,kind of like a unfinished product,in desperate need of OVA’s and             special episodes to make sense
-A lot of unexplained plot points
All in All,I would say Kekkai Sensen is a OK anime,not that great , but not bad either. If you have some free time over the weekend or something like that, give it watch, otherwise I’d say skip or just watch another anime that’s been on your waiting list.

*Caught up in Prosfair*





Ergo Proxy, in my mind is one of the very few anime’s out there with a completely unique plot . It’s set in the post Apocalyptic Dystopian future where most of humanity lives in these huge Noah’s arks so to speak , and they live with humanoid robots who do their everyday chores, These arks are basically life supporting cities in a harsh world which has been completely destroyed by Nuclear war and Nuclear winter.(No I’m not talking about fallout).

Re-L is a Badass!

The series starts in one of these arc cities called as Romdeau and we are introduced to Re-L Mayer , who’s trying to investigate recent mysterious events happening in romdeau and rumours about robots contracting a virus which makes them self aware.She runs into Vincent Law an immigrant from a neighbouring arc city. I’m not going to anywhere close to the plot because the less you know going into Ergo Proxy the better it is for you.

Okay so I’d have to say that this anime is not meant for the masses, and in my opinion is one of the most underrated anime of all time, right up there Baccano and Samurai Champloo but not even these come close to the pure mind fuckery that is Ergo Proxy. This show will take everything that’s going in your head, take it out twist it around, play with it and then put it back. There is just so much going in the series. There’s politics involved , Philosophy , imminent threats , past history being explained , Immigration between different arcs for various reasons and what not.

Coming to the actual animation, Funimation did a great job of staying loyal to the manga and an even better job setting up the whole feel of the land,basically world building of the

The land outside the dome

highest order, arc cities are these huge structures that keep you safe yet you sense a slight discomfort, a little something that says everything is not quite alright. There’s this one episode where we are taken to a library in a city long forgotten by time , which is in a word brilliant. We get to see the vast expanses of land , desolate and devastated by something that happened a long time ago , you get a feeling of real despair from these. There’s a episode that takes us to a forest , growing up regardless of the harsh conditions of nuclear winter, defying all the odds.
Not a single episode is wasted no fillers at all, one episode has a game show and a lot people skip this thinking it’s a filler but a lot of backstory is explained in that.The sheer amount of depth in this anime is mind blowing, it takes only a few characters but does an exceptional job of developing them , the music is amazing.


A robot Infected by the Cogito virus.

I could go on and on and on about this and it would still be a disservice to the series, it’s just that good! It’s been a long time since I found something that I could quote , something that kept me up for weeks on end making me go all philosophical.

Ergo proxy is one of the best ,THE BEST series ever made , I put it alongside FMA Brotherhood and I know even considering that mere fact would be blasphemy , especially me being a lifelong FMA fan, again it’s just that good. It warrants a multiple run through as every time you’ll see the plot a little differently. And the ending was amazing , I absolutely loved it, the only drawback being , it screams out for a season two but no season 2 has been announced yet.


Plus points

-Everything.. And I mean everything , music , animation , character development, plot , you name it and I bet ergo proxy has a done it and done it in the best manner possible.

Minus points

-Very cryptic in the start, people might just give up in the first few episodes because they     didn’t understand it.

-The lack of season 2 , the ending will keep you wanting more of the same. But unfortunately that never comes or rather hasn’t come yet.


All in all , you’ll either completely hate Ergo Proxy like a lot of people, to each his own , Or you’ll absolutely love it like I did. My opinion give it a try if you don’t like it then too bad , happens sometimes,but if you do find it to be your cup of tea , it would probably be the best cup of tea you’ve had yet.

Cogito ergo sum.



Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works is the second path in the fate/stay series the first being the original Fate done by Studio Deen and the third would be the soon to be released Heaven’s feel , all of them are set in the Nasuverse( Fate/Stay Universe)

So right off the start I have to say, a lot people call this series Unlimited Budget Works, and boy do they have a reason or what?!! The series is a visual masterpiece, each and every animation seems to be massively polished, it very well like seems this series was made in a big banner movie budget. And the fight scenes oooooh booy, to say that they are epic would be an absolute understatement . Just goes to show you how the far the industry has come in this context and how visually stunning an anime can look when done right.


First things first before you watch this, make sure you watch the original Fate/Stay night and the Fate/Zero series, because this just seems to assume that you’ve already watched those.

The plot is set during the 4th Holy Grail war, which has 7 masters and their 7  servants. So if you don’t know what the Holy Grail war is, I’ll give you a quick review, basically 7 random magicians summon 7 powerful servants and fight to the death and the winners get a wish granted, the usual thingamajig. Servants are heroic spirits or legends of the past, myths etc like king Arthur , Alexander the great, you the jist of it.

So the plot revolves around Emiya Shirou , the generic good guy , you know save the world even at the cost of my own life, help your enemies even if they’re going to stab you in the back a minute later,you get the picture.And his “struggle” to win the holy grail war , or more like not letting anyone else win it, because everyone else would use it for their advantage and not for the good of Mankind (No shit Sherlock!)

Rin and her servant Archer.

He is accompanied by Tohsaka Rin, she is one of the female protagonist’s and I would say her character got a major upgrade from the original series , back in the original she was portrayed as a just a Tsundere who knew a bit of magic , in this rendition she’s a total badass and a capable mage , able even to handle a servant , long story short, you wouldn’t pick a fight with her.


And finally coming to Shirou’s servant Saber , one of the most loved characters in the Nasuverse , I won’t reveal who saber is because that would steal an epic moment from Fate / Zero

Not much plot to talk about if you’ve seen the original , just shirou and his “team” try’na prevent the holy grail from falling into the wrong. There are other servants as well who

Servant Lancer

seem very interesting but only one or two of them have their back stories being told , you have Lancer who I found so interesting that I just googled him cuz the anime didn’t provide enough , We have Caster, who gets a small flash back kinda thingy but I’d would have liked to know more about her backstory, We have berserker an absolute beast,who fights like Hercules and moves like a ballerina.No joke!

I have to give a special mention to Hideyuki Fukasawa,the music director. I mean every series In the Fate franchise had amazing music , but this was a cut above the rest.

Plus points

– Amazing visuals, ridiculously well done.
– One of the best soundtracks out there, heck I mean I listen to sound track even as I wrote     this review.
– Better character development for Rin and Shirou.
– Fight scenes are second to none, Like there are two episodes which are basically the               same thing from two different point of views , I don’t mind I got two extra fight scenes         so what the hell,why not?

Minus points

– Series expects to a know a lot stuff about the nasuverse I.e it thinks that you’ve already         watched the earlier series,which kinda sucks.
– There are some serious plot holes for e.g who the hell killed Rider? Why does Berserker         move like a ballet dancer…?(Okay maybe not that last one)
– Almost zero character development apart Rin and Saber and to an extent Emiya, could           have done much better!

I mean Ufotable did its best, since this is an adaption of a visual novel and there is only so much content you can put in, in a certain period of time.

All in all I would suggest this , but only if you’ve watched Fate/Zero and the original Fate/Stay night by Studio Deen, it is something that adds to something that’s already pretty good but can’t really stand on its own




Steins;gate is a, you guessed it a, sci-fi thriller and is quite simply put one of my favourite anime’s of all time.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, for God knows whatever reason , here is why you should watch it.It’s a show about time-travel, which focuses not on the Ooo shiny let’s go the 12 century time-travel kinda thing but the actual act of time travel itself.

Steins Gate revolves around Okabe Rintarou , a self proclaimed mad scientist who calls himself Hououin Kyouma. He sets up a “lab” in a small apartment and does all sorts of weird experiments, he is accompanied by Shiina Mayuri, or Mayushii in short , Okabe’s childhood friend who he says is his “hostage” and Daru the “supa hacka” I.e super hacker of the group, who’s basically a stereotype of every internet troll out there, buuut he doesn’t really matter so meh.

So the story begins when Okabe goes to some random seminar and meets the head speaker Makise Kirisu, the resident tsundere of the series, where she promptly gets murdered…that escalated quickly, so Okabe sends a text message to one of his friends about the news , the thing is that when he sends the text the other phone, it’s actually hooked up to an experimental microwave machine which sends signals into the past,yup you read that it.

Resident TARDIS, well sort of

And that’s the beauty of steins gate there’s no TARDIS , no big time machine with big dials with years on them, just a simple machine which can send signals to the past and that too like only a day or two and only the person to whose phone the signals are sent realises that it actually happened, which in this case happens to be Okabe


So here’s the plot , Okabe now learning that he can go back a day or two in time so to speak , decides to save Makise.What happens after that is an absolute joy to watch, I wouldn’t tell you much because that would be spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet.


Okabe and Kirisu

There’s the butterfly effect where everything you  change no matter no small can snowball into a much larger change and the theory of multiple world lines, the whole John Titor theory , add in a bunch of real life conspiracy theories and you got yourself an amazing plot. And everything is very simply explained,even a layman would be able to grasp what’s going on.


When I first came to know about steins;gate I was already sold when i found about time travel.So making a time travel story is pretty easy , you make a time machine go back to the past the usual thingamajig, Buuuut making a good time travel stories with the even minutest change being taken into account and how it affects the people around you and executing that into a well scripted and well produced anime is almost impossible Steins;gate takes that notion and proves it wrong a hundred times over.

Plus points

-Very well executed.
-The jargon is simplified , even someone who doesn’t really know much about time travel      theories and stuff will easily understand.
-The plot is amazing.
-The music is absolutely on point , it will give you the chills.
-The voice acting is very well done Mamoru Miyano is the star of the show, playing the            outspoken and brash Okabe rintarou (give this a try) Mamoru’s Best

Minus points

-Show starts off very slow.
– I would like a little more backstory about the different characters, I mean we get some        here and there but nothing substantial.


All in all , Steins;gate,  if you happen to be a Whovian , or a Sci-Fi geek or just someone who’s looking for something different, you should most definitely watch it.
Also for the love of God , I know it will seem very slow at the start , but stick with it you will not be disappointed!!

Steins; gate is probably one of the few anime’s apart from Ergo Proxy that comes close the holy grail that is the original Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex series and I don’t make that comparison lightly

Now shoo go watch steins;gate and thank me later.


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